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Instinct Raw Dog Food Review And Comparison For 2019

Raw dog foods are always better than processed foods. Why? Simply because they contain a higher amount of protein, vitamins, and minerals. But not all the raw dog foods are of the same quality.

Take the Instinct Raw Dog Foods for example. Manufactured by Nature’s Variety the Instinct Raw Dog Foods are filled with nutrition, vitamins, and minerals. They contain a lot of protein and other food ingredients that are really good for your dog's health.

You may think that all the dog foods have the same benefits. If so, I will show you why Instinct Raw Dog Foods are better.

Instinct Raw Dog Food Buying Guide

In order to buy raw dog foods, there are some features you need to see in the dog food. The Instinct Raw Dog Food contains these features and this is why I recommend you to pick this raw dog food for. Let’s see which features this dog food has and what benefits they can bring.

  • Full Nutrition

It is very essential for your dogs to have full nutrition in whatever the dog is eating. With complete nutrition, your dog will always be healthy. But with the lack of complete nutrition, it will definitely be sick.

The Instinct Raw Dog Food has 100% raw nutrition that your dog requires. It is processed and frozen minimally to preserve the quality of every ingredient.

Generally, Instinct Raw Dog Foods have about 85% of meats and organs. The rest 15% of the proportion contains vitamins and minerals, vegetables and non-GMO fruits. This is definitely the best set of ingredient to provide complete nutrition.

  • Whole Meat as the Main Ingredient

Meats contain a lot of protein, amino acid, and other minerals too. In order to stay healthy your dog mainly needs protein. The amino acid is good for the tissue of the body. It helps to keep the body healthy by keeping the tissues healthy.

When the tissues are healthy your dog will have stronger muscles. So, meat should the main ingredient of that dog food you pick.

The Instinct Raw Dog Food uses whole food ingredients like natural chicken or beef as the main ingredient. I have already said how much meat they use in their dog food. So, this is undoubtedly the best raw dog food for you to choose.

  • No Low-Quality Filler Grain

If your dog food contains grain then the grain must not be of low quality. Because most dogs are allergic to low-quality filler grain like corn or wheat. This is very harmful to your dog.

So, beware about the fact that the dog food you pick has no low-quality filler grains. It should be whole grain which is better. But the best option would be to have no grain at all because some dogs are allergic to whole grain as well.

The Instinct raw food, for example, has no grain, wheat, corn, soy or any other fillers. It only contains the important ingredients that your dog needs. So, picking this raw dog food is undoubtedly a great choice.

  • Natural Preservatives

Preservations are mainly used in the food to keep the food fresh for a long time. Especially if it is raw food. This is not very different for raw dog foods as well.

It would be better if there were no preservatives in the food. But to be honest, every raw food you find in the market will surely contain some amount of preservatives.

So what can you do? The only option here is to pick up a raw dog food which has an only natural preservative that won't harm the health of your dog.

Take the Instinct Raw Dog Foods for example. They contain Tocopherols as Vitamin E and Ascorbate as Vitamin C that is natural ingredients and is not harmful to your dog.

  • Your Dog’s Life Stage

How can your dog's life stage be a feature of raw dog food? Well, it's not what I actually meant. What I mean is, whichever life stage your dog is in, will it be able to consume this food or not.

This feature of raw dog food ensures that your dog will be able to consume this food at a particular stage of its life. A dog has only two life stages, the puppy stage, and adult stage.

You should pick a raw dog food that your dog can consume according to its life stage. There are different raw dog foods for the puppies and different raw dog foods for adult dogs.

The Instinct Raw Dog Foods provide both types of dog foods. For example the Instinct Raw Boost Grain-Free Recipe with Real Chicken for Puppies and the Instinct Raw Boost Grain-Free Recipe with Real Chicken for senior dogs. I recommend Instinct Raw Dog Food as you can pick one for any age of dogs.


  • Effectively cleans up digestive issues.
  • Makes the dog healthier with complete nutrition.
  • The meat of this raw food provides strong muscles.
  • Chewing this raw food makes the gums and teeth healthier.
  • It’s cheap.


  • Too much of this raw food will cause diarrhea.


Question: Can I use the same raw dog food for both puppies and adult dogs?

Answer: You can, but better you don’t. An adult dog can handle puppy food. But a puppy may or may not get diarrhea by eating adult dog food.

Question: How much protein does the Instinct Raw Dog Foods contains?

Answer: Different Instinct Raw Dog Foods contain different amount but in general the amount is around 85%.

Question: Are there any fillers in the ingredients of the Instinct Raw Dog Food?

Answer: No, there are no fillers like grains or wheat in this raw dog food.

Final Verdict

I am sure now you have no doubt about the quality of the Instinct Raw Dog Foods.

I would like to give some final tips for you. First of all, keep in mind that dogs need more protein. So, the dog food you pick should have meat as the main ingredient.

Also, don't overfeed your dog with raw foods as it will harm the health of your dog instead of improving it. Finally, I hope this article was helpful to you.

Primal Dog Food Review – Best Buying Guide For 2019

Primal dog food is a Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (BARF) diet. A typical raw food diet comprises fat, fruits, bones, organs, and raw meat. The bones provide calcium while organic nutritional supplements aid in blood circulation and digestion. Primal food constitutes human-made ingredients. They don't require extra hormones since they are steroid-free and antibiotic. Unrefined vitamins and organic minerals make Primal dog food balanced and complete. They provide amino acids, natural enzymes, fatty acids and minerals that improve your pet's well-being.

Primal raw foods are made of ingredients that are bought from New Zealand and American farms and ranches. They provide a balanced and wholesome dog food. It is not necessary to mix the ingredients. A standard Primal food comprises chicken necks, chicken, organic carrots, chicken gizzards, organic kales, organic broccoli, cranberries, apples, minerals, organic parsley, alfalfa, vitamin E, coconut oil and dried kelp.

What to Look for When Buying a Raw Dog Food

Here are five crucial things to consider when buying Primal raw dog food:

1. Fat content

Many dog foods contain two types of fats, saturated and unsaturated fat. Saturated fat is the white part of the meat. You can also find it in poultry skin. Unsaturated fats are found in vegetables and meat. However, you could add them as cold-pressed fish and plant oils. Excess fat is risky to pets with pancreatic and hepatic problems.

2. Carbs

Most wholesome diets contain some carbohydrates. Vegetables comprise fiber which provides enzymes, antioxidants, fiber, and vitamins. The vegetable ingredients in dog food should be shown in its package. Veterinarians recommend avoiding foods with grains, as they are indigestible.

3. Meat Quality

Meat constitutes the largest portion of most raw dog foods. Raw bones are also present. Check the quantity of muscle meat a certain food contains. Some food companies use little lean meat. Confirm whether the lean meat content is more than the fat content. The fat content should be less than 13 percent.

4. Organs

Ideal dog food should contain about 18 percent of the protein content. Also, it should contain organ meats. Choose a brand that has wholesome animal food to make the organ meats intact. Heart meat is lean muscle meat while kidney and liver contain essential vitamins and minerals. Primal raw dog food contains 10 percent heart meat and 10 percent organ types of meat.

5. Bone Content

High-quality dog foods have a balanced ratio of meat and bone. If a company does not use whole animals, their food might contain too little or excess bone content. Your pet could have dry and powdery stool if the food has a high bone content. It mostly happens when poultry-based raw diets comprise chicken carcass or frame rather than whole chickens.

Such foods have insufficient lean muscle meat and a calcium content which is less than two percent. Regularly feed your pet with bone diets to avoid calcium deficiency. Alternatively, you could add femurs, knuckles, and necks to the raw not use boneless foods for more than four days per week.

How to Calculate the Right Primal Raw Dog Food Portion

Many pet owners struggle to calculate the right amount of food for their dogs. You can use a Primal food calculator. The activity level and size of your pet determines the amount of food they require daily. For example, you could use half a cup of kibble to feed six nuggets per seating. Observe your pet as they eat and add more food if they lick their bowl clean. Feed one percent of your dog's body weight twice daily.

How to Serve Primal Dog Food

Serve the food as it is. You could add water to rehydrate it. Add a tablespoon of clean water for each nugget of Primal food. You can add a quarter cup of water to four Primal food nuggets. Break the nuggets into tiny pieces and thoroughly mix them with water. It enables your pet to absorb vital nutrients from the food. 

Does Primal Dog Food cause Detoxification?

You might notice certain physical changes when you introduce your pet to the Primal raw dog food. Keep calm as it a natural physiological process in which the pet eliminates toxins to heal. Common signs of detoxification include excess wax, eye discharge, skin rashes, and a dry coat. The pet's body will gradually adjust to the raw food and the signs will dissipate over time.

How to Feed Puppies with Primal Dog Food

Naturally, mother dogs regurgitate raw foods for their puppies when they are five weeks old. Start introducing the puppies to Primal dog food when they are four weeks old. Feed them two teaspoons daily. You can supplement it with other foods. Put the food in separate bowls to avoid indigestion and overeating due to competitive feeding.

Increase the amount of Primal raw food little by little after three two days for two days. Wean the puppies after eight weeks and feed them on Primal chicken dog formula. Feed the puppies with eight percent of their weight with Primal Canine food. Constantly monitor their dietary needs and gradually increase their food portions.

Pros of Primal Dog Food

  • Organic fruits and vegetables
  • Natural ingredients
  • A waterproof thawing bag
  • Easy to use and store
  • A wholesome meal with essential vitamins and minerals
  • Simple feeding guide
  • Balanced bone and meat content

Cons of Primal Dog Food

  • The meat is inorganic
  • Excess vegetables and fruits could cause food allergies
  • The dog food is expensive 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

These are some of the frequently asked questions about Primal dog food. 

Q. Why do Many Pet Owners like Primal Raw Dog Food? 

A. Primal raw dog food is a balanced diet. It offers essential minerals and vitamins necessary for proper growth and development. Besides, the food is durable as it is shelf-stable. 

Q. How Should I Thaw Primal Dog Food? 

A. Divide the food into several daily portions and put them in a water-tight bag. Fill your sink with water and immerse the bag for half an hour. Let the nuggets thaw completely before you refreeze them. 

Primal raw dog food is popular worldwide. It contains ingredients such as chicken, chicken necks, chicken gizzards, organic broccoli, and coconut oil. You should serve them when thawed. Avoid putting the food in a microwave to prevent fat molecules from changing. If the fat changes, it could be indigestible thus causing adverse effects on your pet's health. You can serve the food as it is or rehydrate it for your pet to absorb essential nutrients and minerals. It has balanced bone and meat content. Do not feed your dog with boneless meals regularly to avoid trace elements and calcium deficiencies.

You can watch the video. This video made by our friend Gaddy's Feed.

The Best Demandable Raw Dog Food Brands 2019

Why Top 5 raw dog food brands which are made by utmost priority with wholesome Succeeds?

For the time being, dog owners are too much conscious of for their pet’s health even feeding and it should be. And it also should take into account what is the best for their nutritious, grow up and what is the harmful things for their like a parent. And just considering the dog owners thoughts and feelings we just focusing on high-quality even reliable and healthy raw dog food brands.

If you are one who is seeking pets best food so you are the right place and stay with us. Our analytical data shows that commercial brands dog foods are completely wholesome food, just reading this article you can grab a clear concept and will assist you to take thorough decision that which food is suitable for your lovely pet.

Someone prefer homemade food for their pets by giving completely raw food that’s sound bad in order to get healthy pets. Try to figure out that dogs are entirely carnivores and being carnivores they prefer to get raw meat taste. Continuously offering totally raw meats may not be a healthy dinner and obviously, Sometimes it’s harmful to pet health. Ok at glance take a clear concept a slice of meat is fulfilled by parasite wherein bacteria can easily stay its normal.

The Ultimate Secret Of before choosing Raw Dog Food Brands you must know.

  • Must have to be a good balance of nutrition based ingredients
  • Certainly, all meat quality, other ingredients content like bone, fat, organs carbs, veggies have to be perfect
  • Must have to be the good experience in supplying raw dog foods item.
  • Must have to be Wholesome and nutritious dog food
  • Must have to be suitable for all age digestive
  • Must have to submit for AAFCO testing

Where can I find high-quality pet food brands?

To every pet owners its very object of thought where can I find my pet reliable foods which will suitable for her overall health condition. According to experienced pet owners, opinion and recent data Amazon is the top level reliable website for buying raw dog foods. 

What’re things you will get in those specific brands?

Gathering information all of the experienced people that mean dog owners we have created a curated list. Those top 5 raw dog food brands ensured you that every product is the balanced diet and best quality that makes your dog stronger, healthier and faster. Here every product is full of nutrition also includes good lean muscle and bones and of course making process goes base of the diet. Definitely, food ingredients go beyond high standard which includes perfect meat and bone quality, rich protein, perfect fat content, perfect carbs and veggies.

Definitely You can Choose Top 5 Best Raw Dog Food Brands


This is another reliable Real Meat Organic Dog Food which is prepared by a complicit balanced diet. This specific brands company ensured you that this healthy product will do a to z dog health protection which is very necessary for pet health. Full of nutrition and rich protein this raw dog food is frozen has no preservative even this raw dog kibble is free of allergies, digestion problems, and rashes.

Nutritional Message

  • All ingredients high end
  • With grain sensitivities
  • 100% Human Grade
  • Allergies free food

Key Message

  • Real Meat Organic Dog Food by Feed is a high-quality dog food which great features is crunchy snack whether it is launch or dinner. Without a doubt, anyone can buy this food for their pet.


This grain-free freeze Dried Raw dog foods is entirely human quality and taste as raw meat. This brand believes artificial color, extra salts, preservative, sugar is harmful to pet life. So they strictly ignore those in this recipe.

Nutritional Message

  • 100% USDA Duck Heart Human Quality
  • Entirely grain free
  • All Natural Meat Dog Treat
  • Flavor as raw meat

Key Message

  • Fresh is Best really this brand is processed 100% USDA duck heart human quality thoughtless any pet owner can take it for her lovely pets.


Considering the wholesome and good health Stella & Chewy’s freeze dried raw dog food Super Meal Mixers is come in the marker to be delicious raw dog food diet. This specific brand has overwhelming understand dogs test even ensured the dog’s owner that their per will save with this meal mixtures. Made in the USA this product is entirely high –quality dog foods which include protein, raw meat, fruits, and vegetables.

Nutritional Message

  • 85% raw meat and bones
  • Rich in proteins
  • Free from added fillers
  • Minimally processed
  • Allergies free food
  • Increase immune system

Key Message

  • Really this brads is too much reliable as a dog food and no one dog will dislike its test because of natural ingredients. Nourishing and rich protein complicit this product is suitable for every age of dogs.


This High Protein Kibble is totally Grain Free and also Natural Dry Dog Food includes three flavors like chicken, beef, and ducks. This freeze dried raw food is incomparable for dog healthy skin & coat. Instinct Raw Boost Grain-Free Recipe is full fill of real nutrition even suitable for feeding kibble

Nutritional Message

  • Supplement for Vitamin A, B12, D3
  • Higher omegas presents
  • Totally processed by the real chicken
  • Suitable for the immune system

Key Message

  • Made in the USA this brand is come to survive many pets live that’s why this recipe is complete balance diet nutrition of raw.


Before you even trying to figure out best quality food for your pet check in Sojos which is the most reliable raw dog food brand and perfect for your pet. Considering the good quality its whole ingredients are natural confidently we say that it has no extra-large chemicals or preservatives. Making process is overwhelmingly safe and with just only a little water food is ready for eating thoughtlessly it’s a very reliable raw dog food.

Nutritional Message

  • A wholesome GRAIN-FREE
  • Vitamin D3 supplement
  • Vitamin E acetate
  • Rich in proteins

Key Message

  • Sojos Complete Natural Grain Free dog food is authentic food and chooses the best one to keep well your dog.

Now and then are you ready for keeping track of your dog food diet? Why not? The dog is like your family member to make a healthy family everybody become too much anxious about to protect harmful things and make a healthy diet. Whereas we think healthy family at this point we have to consider the pet health care by serving raw food diet for dog best. Above specific top 5 brands are the high – quality dog food anyone thoughtless can get for their pet confidently we say that those 5 products Raw Dog Food Brands are enriched powerful health protection. To your satisfaction, you can overlook the customer reviews following more products :-