The Best Flea and Tick Control for Dogs – The Ultimate Solution

Flea and tick attack is one of the worst situations for your dog. Fleas and ticks don’t take much time to multiply and turn into a reckless spreading infestation. It’s very painful for a dog owner to see his furry companion struggling with flea and tick.

The good news is, there are plenty of ways have been invented to save your pets from irritating flea and ticks. But the question is which one is the best flea and tick repellent solution for your dog?

Actually, there is no absolute best. It depends on several factors like, where you live, your pet’s health and lifestyle, etc. that’s why in this article we will analyze different flea and tick control strategies to help you choose the right product that matches your surroundings and your dog’s lifestyle.

Flea And Tick Collar

Flea and tick collars are very popular among dog owners, mostly for their convenience. In this way, you don’t need to struggle to swallow medicine. Collars are to place around the neck of your dog and left for long-term flea and tick protection. These collars work in two ways- by emitting gas and emitting medicines spread through the skin.

Flea and tick collars effectively control ticks and flea by protecting flea and tick prone areas around the head. Collars contain insecticides that prevent fleas or absorb into the dog’s skin and kill fleas. If you live in a tick-affected area, a collar around your dog’s neck will keep it safe. Furthermore, this flea and tick collar treatment can be combined with other treatment options. These collars are available in different colors which makes them fashionable also.

While putting a collar around your dog’s neck, make sure it’s well-fitted. It should be tight enough to remain in contact with your dog’s skin, while it must not be that much tight that your pet feels uncomfortable. To determine which one would be the best flea and tick collar for your dog consult your veterinarian.

Topical Treatment

Topical flea and tick preventives, like shampoo, powder and spot-on treatment are also effective to eliminate tick and flea. These are also popular among dog owners as best flea and tick control treatment for puppies and also for large dogs.


Spot-on treatment is perhaps the most used treatment as it removes ticks and fleas of all stages. This is also known as flea and tick drops. In recent times, it’s getting huge popularity among dog owners. They are found in a small tube of liquid. You are to apply this product directly on the skin of your dog, over the shoulder blades or down the neck.

The ingredients of a spot-on medication are neurotoxins to parasites and vermin. Some of these products are particularly effective to prevent larval development.

As spot-on are waterproof, they will continue to work even if your dog baths or swims. The ingredients release effectively for almost a month’s time.

Flea And Tick Shampoo

Flea and tick shampoo are also a popular option as they don’t cost much and easily available. But like other methods, it doesn’t last long, rather a single day. And you cannot use it every day because it might lead to skin irritation. They are best for occasional use when your pet is exposed to lots of fleas and ticks.

As all shampoos are not suitable for certain skin types, better consult a veterinarian which one would be the best flea and tick shampoo for your dog.

Best Flea Spray

Flea And Tick Spray Are Also Used As Flea And Tick Control Solution For Dogs. Sprays Are To Run Into The Dog’s Fur So That It Can Travel All The Way Down Into The Skin And Kill Fleas And Ticks.

Along with applying sprays on dogs, if you use it inside and outside of your house where the dog may go, it will be more effective. If you compare different manufacturer, definitely you will find the best flea and tick spray as per your dog’s age and health.

Flea And Tick Powder

Those who don’t want to use toxic chemical flea and tick treatment on their dogs, flea and tick powder can be a good option for them. Because this flea and tick powder can be made at home, using some simple ingredients. You may also find them readymade in the market. Apply it to its whole body using hands. But, you need to remember, as it is the natural solution, it may take a little more time to work.

Flea And Tick Comb

When your dog is suffering from serious flea infestation and you need to give him immediate relief, cheap flea and tick comb for the dog would be the best option. It doesn’t work as completely as spot-on or oral medicine. There are a variety of designs when it comes to the design of a flea comb. Some may have one set of teeth and some have two sets of teeth while some others have 90 degrees angled teeth for more comfortable combing. It’s recommended to comb a dog up once a day, depending on the level of infestation.

Flea And Tick Removing Tool

Another natural way to remove tick instantly is to Tick removing tools that are often found in sets. Various types of tick removing tools are available in the market. Some of which are best tick remover for larger dogs whereas some of them are best for puppies. With these tools, you can give your dog immediate relief from irritation.

Oral Medication

Oral flea and tick prevention usually come in the form of tablets, pills or chewable. In this method, once consumed, the medicine gets absorbed and then deliver the neurotoxic effect to the parasites. An extra advantage with oral medication is unlike topical options, you need not worry about your dog rubbing the medicine off on furniture or kids. Most oral medicines available in the market are flavor added. So, there is little chance of your dog to refuse. If you have toddlers in your house, it would be the best option for you.

You need to take some precautions as some medicine might come with side effects. Never try any oral medicine without the prescription of a veterinarian. While giving medicine, it’s better to give a small amount of food to prevent vomiting. Now that we have known all the options of flea and tick control and prevention, let’s know the things that should be considered while opting for the best flea and tick medication.

Important Factors To Consider The Best Flea And Tick Treatment

Procedure: When choosing the way to get rid of your dog’s fleas and ticks, go through the usage of the treatment. Oral pills or tablets usually need to be taken daily until the infestation is gone. But with topical treatment, that’s not the case. Here treatments like spot-on can last up to a month.

Effectiveness: While choosing the best flea and tick medication, you need to check its effectiveness. The options that give immediate relief are not effective for the long term.

As topical treatments provide instant aid, they are not effective to prevent bugs from coming while flea pills and tablets are stronger and powerful to prevent them from coming back.

Preference: While choosing the right flea and tick control way, personal preference also matters. Some may feel comfortable with oral medication and some may feel safe with natural flea and tick control.

Age of your dog: The age of your dog will play an important role to select which one would be the best flea and tick control according to his age. Topical treatments can be applied if your dog’s age is 7 weeks or more whereas to give oral medicine, age should be at least 14 weeks.

Price: Like any other thing, the price also matters while choosing a treatment strategy for your dog. Usually, oral medication is more expensive than topical. Tick collars also cost more or less like topical treatment.

Again, the price differs depending on the brand and manufacturer.​​best flea and tick medication

However, all the solutions for flea and tick control are effective for particular situations and the pet’s lifestyle. All come with own sets of merits and demerits. So, you will have to decide which one would be appropriate for your dog based on specific requirements.