What is the best dog food for a Pitbull?

Pitbulls are a different kind of dog from large or small breed dogs. They are medium-sized dogs with superb activity and good health. As they are a way different from other dogs, you need to be mindful while choosing food for them. You need to select food for a Pitbull keeping their activity level and weight in mind.

Generally, a Pitbull needs more calories than other dogs and the food also should be enriched with nutrition. The food you choose for a pit bull should have a proper balance of carbohydrate, protein, and fat to ensure sufficient nutrition. You also should consider if you are in search of for Puppy pitbull or the adult one.

If you want to know specifically, raw dog food would be the best option for a Pitbull. But if you want something affordable, you may opt for Dry Dog Food for your Pitbull. In this case, you can mix raw meat in the regular food twice or thrice in a week.

What can I give my dog to gain weight?

If your dog is too skinny, you can apply some strategies to give him a healthy shape. You can switch weight gain dog food or add an extra meal to its regular diet. Then, reconsidering the quality of your dog is also a good idea. The food should contain sufficient amount of calories and nutrition.

Another important tip, if you are feeding dry dog food, add hot water to it so that the food looks appealing.

But the most important thing is you must give him healthy food so that obesity may not attack it.

What human food can I feed my Dog?

Dogs can eat most of the human foods like meats eggs, cheese, almost all types of fruits and vegetables. Actually, you need to know which foods should be avoided rather than what to feed? All types of spices and seasoning must be avoided for feeding a dog. Though these tastes good, are very bad for a dog’s health. Along with this, artificial sweeteners, apple seeds, grapes, chocolates etc must be avoided as a dog food.

The most important thing is, human foods can be given to a dog as a treat, not regularly. Dogs need specific nutrition that is available in dog’s food only.

What is the best dog shampoo for fleas?

Flea and ticks are the most thing your dog may suffer. These flea and tick may lead to serious itching and other diseases on the skin of your dog. Flea and tick shampoo is the solution to get rid of this. Before picking a shampoo for treating flea and tick, you must check the seriousness of the problem.

Wahl natural pet shampoo, Vet-Kem ovitrol plus flea shampoo, Adams plus flea and tick shampoo, and Sentry flea and tick shampoo are some well-known health care products that work great removing flea and ticks.

Is there a difference between Puppy Food and Dog Food?

Dogs and Puppies are different in terms of size, weight, and activities. Hence, their nutrition demand also varies from each other. Because of their growing bodies and high-energy, Puppies need more calories than an adult dog. You should feed your Puppy a complete and balanced food that is specially formulated for Puppies.

Is Grain Free dog food better for your Dog?

There are some dogs who are allergic to Grains. And giant dogs can get extra benefit from Grain Free Foods as it helps them to Poop more. So, grain-free foods are better for those dogs only. Or else, generally, healthy dogs don’t necessarily need Grain Free Foods as they can consume grains easily.

What is the best dog food for Large Breed Puppies?

While the basic nutrition demand of all puppies is same, there is some special dietary consideration you need to make for large breed puppies. Large breed puppies grow faster and they stay in puppy stage longer than small breeds.

To ensure the best food for your large-breed puppy, the easiest way is to feed him the formulas specially made for large-breeds. These recipes contain a high level of protein with a moderate level of fat for extra energy and proper growth. These recipes also include an ideal ratio of calcium and phosphorus level for healthy bones.

Is it safe for Dogs to eat egg shells?

Yes. Dogs can consume eggshells and its good for them building healthy bones. As eggshell is an excellent source of calcium, hence you can give it to your dog regularly. There are some dogs who don’t get bones to eat and suffer from calcium deficiency, egg-shell can make up for that to a great extent.

Grind up the shells and mix it to your dog’s regular food. Just make sure, you are giving only one egg-shell in a day.

How much Glucosamine can you give a dog?

While Glucosamine is great for treating dogs with arthritis, you cannot give it to your dog randomly. You must follow the dosage strictly. Always its safe to consult a vet before determining the dosage. Yet, here is a general guideline for dogs weighing less than 25Ibs can be given a 500g tablet daily and dogs with 25-50ibs can be given 2 of these. Dogs with 51-75ibs may be prescribed with 3 tablets while the dosage can be increased for dogs above 75Ibs up to 4 tablets.

The dosage will reduce as the condition improve.

Is Rawhide bad for puppies?

Yes, it can be proved dangerous for your dog as rawhide bones pose a choking and blocking possibility. If your dog swallows a large piece of rawhide, it can get stuck and damage digestive system.

Then, what can you give instead of rawhide? Well, Bully sticks are a popular chew treat that your dog will love. It will satisfy and entertain your dog’s chewing habit.

How do you get rid of fleas on a Puppy?

There are several ways to treat fleas on Dogs. You may opt natural treatment or medication as per your personal preference. Olive oil bath, garlic, Dawn dish wash soap bath, Talcum powder and baking soda are some of the most common natural Dog Flea Treatment.

If you want to go with medication, Comfortis or Sentinel may be the effective solution for you.

The most important thing is you should also treat your dog’s bedding and surrounding if there is too much flea.

How many times a day does a Puppy poop?

Generally, Puppies poop more times than an adult dog. They usually need to poop after each meal and a puppy eats 3-4 times on an average. Apart from this, they poop after awakening from sleep, after activity and before bedtime.

So, on an average, a puppy poops 6-8 times a day.

How to store Dry Dog Food Long Term?

How long your dog’s dry food will remain fresh largely depends on how well you are storing them. Dry Dog Foods degrade because of exposure to air, light, humidity and hot temperature. To minimize these effects, keep your dog’s dry food in original packaging. Roll and close the top of the packet with a clip and store it in a cool, dry place.

Generally, its best to use dry dog food within 6 months of unpacking, so pick your bag size accordingly.

What kind of Fish Oil is best for Dogs?

Fish oil contains omega-3 fatty acid, which is essential for your dog’s proper development and good health. Some sea fish like salmon, herring, and anchovies are a great source of omega-3 fatty acid.

You can give this fish directly to your dog or the oil processed from these fishes.

How often do I need to walk my Dog?

Actually, there is no absolute answer to this question. It totally depends upon the breed of your dog, overall health, and age. But as a general rule of thumb, gentle walk of an hour, twice a day would be perfect for a healthy dog. If that’s not possible, make it at least 30 minutes instead of an hour.

How often should I walk my Pitbull?

Pit bulls are very active and energetic dogs. So, their exercise/walk need is also relatively higher. It’s of crucial importance for their mental and physical health. They need 60-90 minutes of vigorous exercise twice in a day. At a minimum, it can be once daily.

How much exercise does a Labrador need a day?

The Labrador is a high-energy working breed, hence need more exercise than average. But, there is no exact amount. It will depend on your labrador’s age, overall health, and their genetics. But, on an average, a healthy adult Labrador needs 1 hour of exercise daily. The ones from show line need a bit less, approximately 45 minutes and more energetic working ones need 1.5 hours of exercise.

This exercise can be made up of running, swimming and even jogging with you.

What is the best Harness for dogs that pull?

Actually, there is no absolute ‘best’. It depends on personal preference. The size of your dog, how well the harness fits your dog and how well trained your dog is these things determine which one would be the best dog harness for you.

If the harness doesn’t fit well, it will pinch your dog. Hence, make sure it fits your dog appropriately.


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